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about us

Wendy Allex worked as a librarian for 21 years and understands the importance of an index.  She has an undergraduate degree in business, a graduate degree in library science and indexing coursework through the USDA and the American Society for Indexing.  In her free time, she makes jewelry, candles, and soap, and enjoys movies, travel, and the theater.  Email Wendy

Kevin Allex
spent 8 years in the Navy.  He is a skilled craftsman who has done stained glass, drawing, carpentry, and electrical work.   He specializes in name, travel, and cookbook indexes.  He formerly owned a handyman business.  Kevin's hobbies include golf, fishing, camping, slot car (model car) racing, HO trains, and playing with his tools.  He also pushes meals under the door to Wendy’s office when she’s cranking on a deadline.

anchors himself on Wendy's lap to ensure that she doesn't sneak out of her office during the workday.

Lightning makes sure we take regular breaks by patting us gently on the face when it's time to eat.

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